Healthy Schools

The ‘Healthy School’ is one which takes responsibility for maintaining and promoting the health of all who ‘learn, work, play and live’ within it not only by formally teaching pupils about how to lead healthy lives but by enabling pupils and staff to take control over aspects of the school environment which influence their health.

It actively promotes, protects and embeds the physical, mental and social health and well being of its community through positive action.

This can be achieved by policy, strategic planning and staff development about its curriculum, ethos, physical environment and community relations.

We as a school have aquired the National Qualtity Award (NQA) for healthy schools.

We are looking at 7 areas-

  • Hygiene
  • Food and fitness
  • Safety
  • Substances
  • Personal development and Relationships
  • Environment
  • Mental & Emotional Health & Well-being